Environmental News of the Week (5/25/2017)

This week in the Greenlight: scientists prove Scott Pruitt wrong, moss grows in Antarctica, the seed vault floods due to climate change, and more people are heading to court over climate issues.

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Environmental News of the Week (5/19/2017)

This week in the Greenlight: Trump gives life to a new mine in Alaska, Earth could warm past the 1.5 degree warming threshold in the next two decades, the pesticide EPA refused to ban is sickening farmers, and an island in the South Pacific is collecting the worlds trash.

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Environmental News of the Week (3/23/2017)

Sorry for my absence last week, I was in Texas for the week on a work trip, which means I’ve included some news from last week into this week’s post. As for this week in the Greenlight, an EPA environmental justice leader resigns, carbon dioxide is rising at the fastest rate ever, enforcement under Trump’s EPA would disappear, coal is in ‘free fall’, and the German’s turn on the lights…

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